About Expertpath Training Center

Expertpath is a well-established provider for management consulting and training services to our clients in private, government, and NGO in Saudi Arabia. that consistently lead to client successes in growing or improving their business. Together with our clients, we look forward towards achieving real competitive advantages and upgrading enterprise value proposition over short, medium, and long term. Since our foundation a decade ago, we have been measuring our success by tangible results of our consulting and training activities.

Expertpath Training Center is working within Expertpath Consulting Company (EXPERTPATH). Expertpath Training Center has emerged as an arm to Expertpath Consultancy Company.  Our students come from many backgrounds and experience levels. Whatever your reason for joining, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and grow. The courses, taught by professionals working in their fields, are dedicated to helping students develop their abilities, knowledge, and skills in different field such as but not limited to: Financial Training, Project Management, Assets Management, Occupational Safety, Restructuring, Customized Training Solutions, Quality Management, and Women Empowerment.

Expertpath Mission

Expertpath Vision:

We are working with professionals to be a government partner providing the best in the empowerment and the creation of individuals and organizations for innovation and development and through partnerships with major international names in the industry to that purpose by providing international standards training to individual, students, and businesses.
To be the leading and reliable Training center in the region in the development of professional capacities of individuals and organizations by providing quality training to meet the challenges and become more relevant to ambitious government programs.